Mostly Harmless Designs


This gorgeous DSLR camera necklace also doubles as a functioning USB flash drive. The rose covers the gap when the USB is in use, and you can choose your combination of camera brand and flower colour.

Necklace available at Tuesdays And Fridays on Etsy!

Via Geeky Merch

A Crocheter’s dilemma


Packing for an overnight trip and trying to decide which crochet project to bring!  Decisions like this are PAINFUL!

Via Just saddle up Anyway~Tracey Smith

A collection of dice for purrypixel! Finally got them done!

Long Hair Problems


It’s so annoying when I look back at what I’ve crocheted and find my long hairs weaved into the pattern. I try to get them out, but the hairs are long enough that it’s extremely hard unless I unravel what I’ve done. At some point I stop caring, but it’s still kind of awkward to give someone a gift with your hair weaved in every few rounds. 

Via Twisted and Tied

Getting my act together with two more dice for purrypixel!


Don’t try to tell me this isn’t my yarn human. 

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