Mostly Harmless Designs

Geeky crochet to hug and wear!


If you want to make me cry just say the words “weave ends in”.

Or alternately “work in ends”.

Either will achieve the effect of me curling up into a ball and sobbing grossly for approximately 12 hours.


Today’s mantra is: I will not start a new project until I finish a project.


Bulldog Puppy Blankie
Jenna Wingate Designs
~ Pamela

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Great Ball!

Some days I create huge sharks, some days I make Pokeball buttons. It may feel mundane but details are important too!


Here’s something I made a while ago but thought you guys might like, it’s just a simple drawstring pokeball bag. Great for making on a quiet afternoon! Free crochet pattern here

Mostly Harmless Designs is going to be part of the Artists Alley for Philly Comic Con in May! 

I am super excited! 


I’m Hooked posted this free pattern for their Dew Drop Wrap and I really want to try it out to get the hang of that beautiful stitch!

Just spent some time updating my theme and general appearance of this blog. I still have no idea what I’m doing but I think its getting there. At least I customized a few things and have an about me tab? If anyone knows what they’re doing and has suggestions, I’m all ears.