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More lunchtime crochet! I love this yarn

Coupon Alert!

It has come to my attention that I’m only 9 followers away from my first 100! I’m rather excited about this, so I figured that when I hit 100, I will give back to all of you with a free shipping coupon, good on anything in my etsy shop - as well as any commissions made during the time the coupon is active. More details to come!


Me exactly

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Gir wears a tiny hat now. Tiny hats are cool.



Amazing!!! According to Matt…: Granny Square Blanket…..The Sequel!

I so need those pillows for my dorm room! #love




Do you #KnitInPublic?

I am so going to play this! Posting pictures after this weekend. WHOSE WHITH ME?

fat amy gif because reasons 


"You have to focus on each stitch, one at a time, but while you’re doing that, you also imagine the larger project, the completed afghan or the soul entering Paradise, keeping it in your mind’s eye as you work. Working your way methodically along a row, you have time to reflect, to question, to listen to what your heart and your hands are saying. I have found that this kind of thought, where the mind and body are both engaged, puts you in a place where you can make good decisions."

"Humans have recognized this connection between fiberwork and contemplation for thousands of years. Take Clotho, for example, another famous decider who worked with yarn. Youngest of the three Fates in Ancient Greek mythology, Clotho was the goddess who spun the thread of human life. Her sister Lachesis measured it, and Atropos, the third sister, cut it. The work of the sisters’ hands symbolized the work of the female body, generating, shaping, and sustaining life." -excerpts of an article by Susan Schorn | June 11, 2014


New and improved centaur!

I love centaurs, and my original centaur design just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. My biggest problem was the legs, they just didn’t have the proper shape. Well, I’m quite happy with these legs, and they were much easier to make than my old design! The body also curves, like a horse’s should, and his arms have thumbs. :D

You can buy the pattern here!

Via Miles of Crochet Amigurumi

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